What You Can Do

There are a number of ways you can support efforts for human rights and democracy in Bahrain.

1. Volunteer for the Bahrain Coordinating Committee

Our organization needs supporters and volunteers to plan and attend events, disseminate information, and plan informational and advocacy campaigns.  To learn more, email bahraincc.org@gmail.com

2. Write a Letter

Write a letter of support for political prisoners, or to condemn a practice (such as excessive force against peaceful protesters, the indiscriminate use of tear gas in Bahraini communities, the use of shot gun pellets, etc.)

You may wish to write to

  • The President of the United States
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
  • Your senator or congressional representative
  • United Nations officials
  • Bahrain government officials

Here is a list of contacts, titles, and addresses.

3. Support an Organized Campaign

Human Rights First: Tell Secretary Clinton: Condemn the Abuses by the Bahrain Monarchy

4. Share our Content

You can help us spread the word about Bahrain.  Thanks for retweeting our Twitter updates, sharing our Facebook Page updates, and linking to our blog posts.


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