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Bahrain regime attacks peaceful protesters — photos tell the story

There are times when you just have to let the pictures tell the story.  But there are some details —

  • Ali al Mwale was standing behind Sheikh Ali Salman during a protest.  They were standing, calmly, facing the police, holding roses.  The police took aim, apparently in a completely unprovoked assassination attempt, and Ali al Mwale stepped in front of the Sheik to save him.  He is now in critical condition with a brain injury.
  • Syid Hadi, as of this writing, has been taken by police and his whereabouts are unknown to his family.
  • Said Yousif was beaten by police.

Many others were injured, as the photos depict.  And this is just ONE day in Bahrain.

Photos provided the International Affairs Department at Al Wefaq; many details of this article provided by @ea_as on Twitter.

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