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Update on Ali Mohammed Almuwali, shot by security forces in Bahrain protest

We transmit the sad news that Bahraini citizen Ali Mohammed Almuwali remains hospitalized and in critical condition with a fractured skull after being shot at close range by Bahrain security forces while attending a peaceful demonstration on Friday, June 22, 2012.

Almuwali, who is 27 years old and a father, has undergone two surgeries and sustained brain damage.  His hospital room is under tight security, and even his family were initially prohibited from seeing him.

Video below portrays the unprovoked attack.  Bahrain has rationalized the actions of their security forces, saying it was necessary to prevent “traffic congestion.”

Amnesty International releases annual human rights report; reports on Bahrain

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Today, Amnesty International released its annual report on human rights, The Amnesty International Annual Report 2012
The State of the World’s Human Rights.  The entire report may be viewed online or downloaded, and the section on Bahrain may also be viewed online.

Amnesty International reports that delegates visited Bahrain for research and government meetings in February, April and November 2011.  A medical expert participated in the February visit and a policing expert took part in the April visit. In November, Amnesty International delegates were among those present when the BICI presented its report to the King.

Executive Summary:

Bahrain experienced an acute human rights crisis in which at least 47 people were killed, including five members of the security forces and five people who died in custody as a result of torture. Security forces used excessive force against peaceful protesters and detained hundreds of people, including prisoners of conscience. Many detainees were tortured and otherwise ill-treated. Hundreds of civilian detainees received unfair trials before military courts; leading opposition activists were sentenced to up to life imprisonment. People who demonstrated against the government, including students, were dismissed from their jobs and from university. An independent inquiry by international experts appointed by the King confirmed the serious human rights violations and called for independent investigations, accountability and other reforms. Five people were sentenced to death; two had their sentences reduced at appeal. There were no executions.

For more details of human rights abuses, please read the Bahrain report.