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Art by Bahraini Children Depicts Atrocities, Violence, Fear, and Hope

Human Rights First presented an exhibit of art by Bahraini Children at the United Methodist Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC this week. The images portray their grief and anger over the violence that has affected their families.

Each of the images was accompanied by some background information on the child and his or her situation. Child psychology experts examined the drawings and presented their hypotheses about each child’s emotional state.

This drawing is by an 8 year old boy whose father was shot while protesting with his arms up. The boy drew a scene of protesters around the iconic statue, the Pearl Roundabout (now destroyed by the Kingdom). The flag of Bahrain flies from the Pearl Roundabout. The protesters hold up their hands to show they are unarmed and peaceful.

This 9 year old boy’s grandfather was shot by government forces. The boy has drawn a protest scene. Forces in helicopters and cars attack the protesters. A protester lies on the ground bleeding.

The uncle of this 7 year old girl was shot in the head by Bahraini forces, and the images of him were broadcast on television. The girl says the picture shows her and her sister running to help her uncle.

Candlelight Vigil for Abdulhadi al-Khawaja

The Bahrain Coordinating Committee held a candlelight vigil for the imprisoned Bahraini activist, Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, in front of the White House in Washington, DC this evening (April 27, 2012).

About a dozen volunteers assembled in front of the White House at dusk to peacefully show support for the activist and disseminate information about the struggle for human rights and reforms in Bahrain.  Curious onlookers stopped by throughout the evening to learn more — the volunteers were able to converse at length with twenty-thirty people throughout the evening.  The response of onlookers was positive and receptive.