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Al-Wefaq demands an immediate release of all political figures in Bahrain

AlWefaq National Islamic Society LOGO

AlWefaq National Islamic Society LOGO (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bahrain’s largest political opposition group, Al-Wefaq, has demanded an immediate release for 21 imprisoned political figures and activists in Bahrain.  The organization asserts that they are prisoners of conscience and should be freed.

A statement published by the organization on Saturday stated that the “BICI report, Geneva recommendations, other international reports and the facts of cases lead collectively to the necessity of releasing all detained political figures”.

 “Their stay in detention makes them political hostages as they are detained due to political grounds. It is considered as a political persecution and reflects the travesty of justice.”

“The issue of prisoners of conscience and political hostages highlights the essential need for a political resolution which can unequivocally take Bahrain to the real democracy; where the state works on development and progress instead of arbitrary arrests, fighting the other opinion and targeting innocent people.”