Bahrain regime forces shoot on peaceful protesters – must see video

Peaceful.  Unprovoked.  Unarmed.

Look at them standing there, silent, in their resolution and dignity.

Facing down oppressors in full riot gear and body armor with guns, sound grenades, and tear gas.

Daring to take back their streets, their livelihoods, their security, their rights.

Then: shot in cold blood.  By regime forces.

Their crime? An offer of peace.

What did those shots accomplish for the Kingdom of Bahrain?

This is their response:

The General Director of the Northern Governorate Police announced that a group of individuals held an illegal rally called for by Al Wefaq National Islamic Society in the vicinity of Khamis on Friday evening.  The group disobeyed warnings and orders to leave the area.  Police then used legal methods to disperse the crowd.

He said that some people sustained various injuries, in which one of them was referred to hospital and proper procedures were taken to investigation the case.

The General Director said that the Al Wefaq National Islamic Society had submitted a request to hold the rally.  The request was denied due to the proposed timing and location.  The rally would have caused traffic congestion and would have endangered public and private property.   Al Wefaq was aware that permission to hold the event had been denied prior to the start of the event.

Since when does the prospect of potential traffic congestion warrant lethal force as a response?

Watch the video, and then draw your own conclusions.

Thanks to Bill Marczak for drawing my attention this video.

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