Bahraini Lawyer’s Rights to Privacy Violated; Bahrain Coordinating Committee Pledges Its Support

In response to reports, The DC-based Bahrain Coordinating Committee strongly condemns sensitive and personal content posted on the Bahrain Forum, a pro-government Bahraini online discussion forum.

Allegedly, a video file was posted online that contained images of the prominent Bahraini human rights lawyer, Mohammed al-Tajer.  The images depicted him in his bedroom with his wife.

In the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) report (section 1261.b), it was reported that Tajer was threatened with humiliation by government forces who had arrested him and detained him for several months for making a speech during the Bahraini protests in February 2011. While detained, Tajer was abused in prison, and in the course of interrogation was informed that he had been videotaped sleeping with his wife and was threatened that this tape would be made public.

The Bahrain Coordinating Committee condemns all acts of torture and humiliation, and calls on the government and its agents to treat political dissidents and other Bahrainis with respect and humanity, as they seek to obtain the rights to free expression, and other basic human rights.

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